50% bike, 50% scooter, 100% Yoda.

The better bike.

The best of both worlds.

Yoda is an electric bike without pedals and without transmission. It's faster and more comfortable than a bike while much lighter than a scooter.
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Charge anywhere.

Yoda has a removable battery that you can take out and swap in a few seconds or charge in a few hours.
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Short trips will never feel the same.

Yoda will get you everywhere you need to go. Whether it's uphill, downtown or cross country, you can trust our design to keep you light and comfortable.

45 km/h - 65 km range - 27 kg

Stay in control.

Yoda comes with a mobile app that acts as a dashboard for your rides.

Analyze your rides and the
time you spend on the go.
Switch off eco mode to reach
45km/h when you're in a hurry.
Get where you need with Yoda's
built-in map and guiding system.
Switch on the lights and the
eco mode from your dashboard.
Unlock your Yoda and go for
a free ride in seconds.

Rethinking urban mobility, one Yoda at a time.

At yoda, we're building more than an electric vehicle. We think mobility has only started a radical switch to connected, electric and shareable vehicles. With this in mind, we are rethinking how you, your friends and your family will move in the city of the future.