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Yoda is a 100% electric moped that weights 28 kilos, goes up to 45 km/h with a range of 70 km

For 149 € / month,
we register, insure, provide and maintain Yodas for your company.

Pay monthly, stop whenever you want.

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€ 149,-

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An easy mobility solution for everyday business needs.

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Give your employees their own Yodas for private and professional use.


Move around the office.

Make Yodas available at the office to move around within work hours.

Yoda's battery is removable and provides 70km range on a 4 hours full charge cycle.

Designed to last

Yoda is engineered as a lego bike in order to optimize maintenance and offer a sustainable e-mobility solution.

No pedals, no problems

6001 aluminum unibody frame

Swappable components

Eco-responsible life cycle

Make heads turn.

Design custom skins to make your business stand out when your team is on the go.

Lock and unlock

GPS location

Trip statistics

Sharable access

Make the city your playground.

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€ 149,-

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100% electric, 28 kg , 45 km/h for 70 km range. Discover the moped of the future.